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Let's Talk Bruh

Nov 7, 2018

We spend of a lot of time on Let's Talk Bruh talking through the ways that men are impacted by patriarchy. So we discuss vulnerability, Black male privilege, Black men's health and more as a way to combat those issues. But we haven’t as much as we should have talked about some of the ways that Women are impacted by patriarchy.

So in today’s episode you’ll hear us start that conversation and we couldn’t do it alone. We invited our friend Taylor to share some of her experiences to the mic, but don’t get it twisted. Taylor doesn’t speak for all women nor did we expect her to.

We couldn't cover everything in one episode so today's show is just the start of several episodes to come in breaking down ways women are impacted by patriarchy, what men should know about women's issues and feminism. Tune in!



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