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Let's Talk Bruh

Jan 29, 2020

Why do you love Black women? How do you support Black women? How do you protect Black women? A few simple questions with not so simple answers? 

This week I was joined by my good friend Taylor. Tune in for our discussion.

A few resources used in this week's episode:

Jan 22, 2020

Let's Talk Bruh is going to sound a bit different as we get deeper into 2020.  Send this episode to your friends & family to spread the word. 

Jan 15, 2020

Fellas, what makes you feel sexy? I mean, we all love having sex and the feeling that comes from that experience, but how often do we think about whether or not we feel sexy or not? There's a ton of emphasis on women to be and feel sexy, but what does that look like for us?

This week I was joined by David Wraith,...

Jan 8, 2020

Happy new year LTB fam! We're back and hitting yall with another episode.  This time we're talking about the silent epidemic considered to be the biggest threat to public health over heavyweights like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  We're talking about loneliness.

It's something that impacts many of us, but few of...