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Let's Talk Bruh

Jul 31, 2019

They say change inevitable.  They say life is gonna throw you curveballs.  They say when life gives you lemons...ight enough of the cliches. 

Today we're talking all about the various changes and transitions that we experience throughout life.  From breakups, to entering and exiting college to even the current cultural...

Jul 24, 2019

They say everyone gets the define Black masculinity except for the Black man. And well, historically this has been largely true. However as true as it has been, we have not only the power, but the responsibility to redefine what a healthy masculinity looks like for us.  

But before we get there, it's important to talk...

Jul 17, 2019

Nowadays it seems that everyone is talking about two words: toxic masculinity. There are endless articles, tweets, IG posts, and now podcast episodes on the subject.  But what is it really? 

And if you're a man/masculine identifying person it can feel like your masculinity is under attack with the recent attention...

Jul 3, 2019

This week on Let's Talk Bruh we're talking all about dick.

*awkward silence*

We're bringing yall the sequel to an episode we dropped in February titled, "You're More Than Your Dick | The Fetishization Episode". Only this time we're expanding the conversation to discuss our close relationship with our penis, why for...