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Let's Talk Bruh

Oct 30, 2019

This week on Let's Talk Bruh, I catch up with Gerrard Davis. If you've been keeping up with the show, then that name might sound familiar. 

Gerrard joined me for a mini episode last month because Gerrard was the one who set our facebook group on fire with a conversation on whether or not it was gay for two men to...

Oct 23, 2019

We've all seen the phrase, #MenAreTrash, so need for a long introduction.  And for many of us men folk, we have a tendency to either 1) dismiss the phrase completely or 2) assume those tweets ain't talking about us because we know we ain't trash. 

And if that's your response? We're challenging you to change your...

Oct 16, 2019

Tony Porter is what we call an OG when it comes to the work of healthy manhood.  He's been doing #thework of breaking out of the "The Man Box" with A Call to Men for decades.  

Tony also speaks about his personal journey of being called out for his sexism while in his career of anti-racism work and how those moments...

Oct 9, 2019

Living your best life is more than just a song by Lil Duval. It's a real thing. But how exactly do we get there? Yeah sure we all want to get the bag and level up, but what does that really look like? How do we become our best and most authentic self in a world that constantly tells us as Black men what we are and what...

Oct 2, 2019

We all know what it's like to feel like you have the weight of the world on the your shoulders. But what if that stress has become so commonplace that you've forgotten what it's like to feel normal?

What happens when we've become so disconnected from our norm that our normal is stressed out? 

Today we're joined by Arron...