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Let's Talk Bruh

Oct 3, 2018

We're continuing our look at masculinity in culture this week by examining how masculinity and toxic masculinity were both presented in Season 3 of HBO's Insecure.  If you remember a few months ago in June, Issa Rae commented that for the upcoming season she wanted to examine Black Masculinity and toxic masculinity as they relate to Black Women.  This statement alone caused many of us Black Men to collectively lose our minds, because how on earth could a Black Woman have any knowledge on how Black Masculinity impacts them? (insert any applicable sarcasm gif here).  Now that the season is over, we took a look at a few examples of Black Masculinity in Season 3 AND the ways in which it impacted the Black Women in the show.  And as the old saying goes, art imitates life so many of these on screen moments reflect real life scenarios. So hopefully Issa, Molly, Nathan, Daniel, Lawrence, Kelli and everyone else did that so we don't have to go through that.  Now without further adieu it's time to press play. 

Spoiler Alert: This episode contains a few spoilers for the Insecure season finale. Now it's been out for roughly 3 days now so we assume you've already watched, but if not you'll want to catch up before listening.



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