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Let's Talk Bruh

Sep 18, 2018

So this week we called an audible. We had plans to drop our Hip Hop episode but during our discussion, we got into a slight debate over whether or not Black Men need a male Beyoncé.  

For everything Beyoncé represents and means for women and specifically Black Women, Jeremy believes it would be dope to have a male version who would uplift Black Men in a similar way that she does for Black Women.  Currently, Jeremy believes that there is a void when it comes to mainstream male artists who make music specifically for the uplift of Black Men and believes we need more mainstream artists to break down patriarchy in a dope way.

On the other hand, Kyr doesn't believe having a Male Beyonce is necessary because there are certain artists who talk about similar issues, a la, Beyoncé's husband aka Jay-Z.  

So what do you think? Do we need a Male Beyoncé?