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Let's Talk Bruh

Sep 25, 2019

Being a Black man and working in corporate environments can exhausting to say the least. 

Racism. Microaggressions. Stereotyping.  And all that can happen before you even make it to your desk. The struggle to bring your full self to work is real.

Not to mention, we know that toxic masculinity in the workplace is usually the expected and preferred type of masculinity. Domination. Win at all costs. Talking over people. Not taking breaks.  Where does healthy masculinity fit in corporate america?

This week we linked up with Zach of the Living Corporate Podcast to answer that question as well as break down some ways we can maintain our sanity when working in these predominantly white spaces. 

Resources used in this week's episode:


Visit to access all of the great content they have on navigating corporate america and join their slack group for additional resources.

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