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Let's Talk Bruh

Feb 5, 2019

This week on Let's Talk Bruh we talk about the revolving door of fetishisation.  Often times, if our masculinity revolves around sex, we unintentionally become complicit in our own fetishisation.

There is a history in this country going back to slavery of both white men and women using our bodies for labor, sex included. When we weren't in control of our bodies, we subsequently lost control of the portrayal of our bodies in media. Thus creating a particular narrative, stereotype, and racist sexual fantasy for both white men and women.  This stereotype prioritizes a certain type of black men over others due to the amount of physical labor he can endure, inhumane sex drive, and above average dick size. 

When we fast forward to the present day we still see this fetishisation play out in media and in real life. We talk about a few on screen examples of white women fetishing black men in both Insecure & He Got Game.  We also talk about why this happens in real life and what we can do to be more aware of these scenarios in order to prevent them from happening.

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