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Let's Talk Bruh

Jul 3, 2019

This week on Let's Talk Bruh we're talking all about dick.

*awkward silence*

We're bringing yall the sequel to an episode we dropped in February titled, "You're More Than Your Dick | The Fetishization Episode". Only this time we're expanding the conversation to discuss our close relationship with our penis, why for many of us our dick = our manhood and the pressure to live up the BBC.

In order to have this conversation we invited our extremely talented artist friend TJDDN to the show who is very comfortable with his body. Just how comfortable? This is taken directly from his website:  "Send a media request and ask him why he's always naked."

Not only that, we break down the fact that men also experience body image issues, discuss healthy ways to engage with our bodies and consider what body positivity looks like for men. 

As black men, we've been stereotyped to have the big black dick, but what happens if you can't measure up to that fantasy? 

A list of resources mentioned in this week's episode:


Check out TJDDN's art on his website: TJDDNdoesART

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