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Let's Talk Bruh

Apr 10, 2019

Left out. Forgotten. Not cared for. Do any of these resonate for you as a Black man? Sometimes as Black men we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.  On average, our life expectancy is the lowest, our suicides rates are at an all-time high, mass incarceration and police brutality are everyday issues and many of us feel we don't have enough spaces to be vulnerable with our most pressing mental health issues. On top of that, we hear our sisters, as justified as it is at times, tell us "men are trash" and "niggas aint shit" on the daily.  Truth be told, all of this is EXHAUSTING.

So what can be done?

On this episode we talk about feeling left out, not cared for, and forgotten, BUT we also talk about the fact that there are indeed plenty of people, resources, and spaces created by Black men and women who do care about Black men.  Tune in now.

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