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Let's Talk Bruh

Jun 6, 2018

#LetsTalkBruh is officially LIVE, but first let's provide y'all w/ a bit of context for the first episode.  Toxic masculinity created by patriarchy distorts our visions of what healthy masculinity can look like. So for that reason we wanted to start this podcast at the foundation. This episode is personal and episodes to come will be even more personal.  We wanted to bring y'all in to gain a sense of WHO WE ARE and explain what our own personal definitions of masculinity are today. We attempted to go beyond some of the common notions of masculinity (provider, protector, etc) but at the same time let yall know that we are indeed still learning, growing and trying to unlearn the #problematic or toxic versions of masculinity and hypermasculinity that we grew up believing in and attempting to perform. 
You'll hear us tell a few stories of how we tried to perform hypermasculinity in high school & college (Yikes) and talk about our shifts to creating a version of masculinity that works for us today.  We even asked our fathers and a few close friends what they think it means to be a man. 
For the brothers out there, as you're listening, try considering new ways you can redefine your masculinity and also come to terms with the reality that there's a good chance our notion of masculinity growing up was probably a little bit fucked up. Enough context for now, take a listen and let us know what you think.