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Let's Talk Bruh

Aug 8, 2018

Chakras. Meditation. Crystals. Reincarnation. The Universe. Retrograde and a bunch of other sh** that happens to be brand new for us too. See the thing is, we don't pretend to be the experts here on #LetsTalkBruh and we're not afraid of talking about concepts that we have little to no information on.  Today we talked about this concept of Spirituality and what it means to us. We invited a couple friends on, Michelle and Deb, to join our conversation and act as our spiritual guides for this journey. Now many of us would agree that having some type of spiritual foundation helps one lead a more fulfilled life, but wtf does that even look like if you can't even see it? Well join us and prepare to have an existential crisis as we tackle spirituality in today's show.