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Let's Talk Bruh

Nov 28, 2018

When talking about brotherhood, how often do we include gay brothers into that conversation? As a society we've made progress in terms of LGBTQ rights, but we certainly have a long way to go in order to be better brothers to gay men especially in our community.  On today's episode we talk with The Great Jayden aka Jayden Hollywood about the relationship between gay and straight black men.  

On Let's Talk Bruh we talk a lot about masculinity from a straight male perspective, but it's important to talk about the differences from our gay brothers as well.  We bring back some concepts from our Black Male Privilege episode and even touch on what Black Male Privilege looks like from a gay black man's perspective. 

There's no way we could cover it all in one episode, but without a doubt there's a ton we can learn from each other.

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