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Let's Talk Bruh

Jul 28, 2021

In today's episode we talk to Shaan Lashun, 1/2 of the Molly House Project. Molly House Project is a community of bois, men, and masculine-of-center* trans folk committed to changing the way we talk about sex work.  We speak to Shaan about the they do with MHP, how they got started in sex work and sex work activism and discuss some of the issues that male and masculine of center sex workers experience.  If you're like us this will be a learning experience so we challenge you to listen with an open mind, heart, and ear.  Let's get free. Tap in. 

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What is Molly House Project - July 29th | 6pm CST

Learn more about Molly House Project here:

Meet the Founders of the Molly House, Where Masculine-of-Center Sex Workers Are Mobilizing Online - The Body

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