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Let's Talk Bruh

Jul 14, 2021

In today's episode we link up with Ryan Ken! If you've been on the internet at some point in the last year, you've probably seen their Tik Tok videos go viral and make it to your timeline at least once or twice.  Ryan is extremely talented and their brilliance shines through by pulling off something very difficult in comedy.  They're able to challenge and pushback against societal norms when it comes to masculinity, gender identity / performance, and race while still being very funny. Ryan humblebrags a bit in our conversation about how they've only been doing comedic writing and acting for less a year (wow) and near the end of the conversation Ryan shares with us what divesting from patriarchy means for them.  Tap in. 
Check out clips from this episode on our YouTube page:
Watch Ryan's Tik Tok Videos mentioned in this week's show
This year our theme is, "Divesting from Patriarchy" so here's how you can get involved and have your opinion heard on the show:
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