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Let's Talk Bruh

Oct 31, 2018

This episode is the heart of this podcast. This episode is the reason we do Let’s Talk Bruh. 

This episode wasn’t in our plans but perhaps the universe planned it for us. 

A much needed conversation between 2 Black Men, 2 brothers and friends, ex roommates, trying to figure this shit out one podcast at a time. This conversation is the result of when things get swept under the rug for so long that eventually they become impossible to ignore. It’s a tough conversation for a number of reasons because: 1) When you feel disrespected, how do you still hold your friend accountable for their actions even as they're battling mental health issues? 2) How do you even explain your mental health to your friend? 3) And wtf happens to a podcast when all this is at play? In true #LetsTalkBruh fashion we talk through this on the mic invite y’all to our conversation.