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Let's Talk Bruh

Dec 29, 2021

Watch Black Men Talking About Love on YouTube

Part 1 - Brotherhood Between Straight & Queer Black Men

What do we mean when we say brotherly love? Who are we including that phrase? Are all Black men included or only some? This episode explores what love can look like between Black men.

We also unpack how homophobia has prevented us from establishing deeper connections with each other as Black men. And for those of us who are straight, what has that unlearning process looked like and how has it shown up with our other straight male friends?

Patriarchy and toxic masculinity require us to do and be several things, but love is rarely part of that equation. So what happens when we make love a requirement for ourselves as Black men and boys?

Part 2 - Are You Good at Being Vulnerable?

What does it mean to be vulnerable? Are you good at it? Do you like being vulnerable? For many of us, embracing vulnerability is a foreign concept. It's uncomfortable and frankly at times it can be scary as hell. As men, we've been taught to reject vulnerability. It's looked at as a sign of weakness or softness. But we know that's not true. To be vulnerable is an act of courage. To be vulnerable is also an act of self love. It's an act of self acceptance.

This is Part 2 of our conversation, "Black Men Talking About Love" and we also unpack what love means for us. We share what our self love game looks like. We attempt to define what love is. We live in a world where Black boys and men aren't typically associated with love so we try to envision a world that makes love a requirement for Black men and boys instead of patriarchy.

In the first 20 minutes of today's episode we tackle a few Black Card Revoked Questions along with some questions from the My Therapy Cards for Black men deck.

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