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Let's Talk Bruh

Feb 11, 2022

Watch The State of Black Masculinity Pt. 2 on YouTube:
It's been a minute since we hit yall with the State of Black Masculinity Pt. 1. 2 years ago to be exact. In many ways it's a completely different world. As we enter year 3 of the pandemic, our lives, to varying degrees, have been flipped turned upside down. But in some ways, Black masculinity and the livelihoods of Black folks have remained unchanged. 
In today's episode we talk about living through the pandemic, the impact of white supremacy and state violence on us and we discuss a few names you may or may not have heard about from Boosie, to Dave Chappelle to Kevin Samuels. 
We close the show talking about what divesting from patriarchy looks like for us. We've all been indoctrinated into a system of patriarchy and toxic masculinity, but what does it look like to imagine alternatives for Black men? What does that work of unlearning harmful behaviors and replacing them with new ones look like? What lies on the other side of patriarchy for Black men?

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