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Let's Talk Bruh

Jun 27, 2018

Here's something we all can relate to: being in a program, workshop, or seminar designed to help you grow as a man, but feeling like it's missing the mark.  When met with that frustration, Richard "Reseda" Vargas responded in a major way in the most unlikely of settings and circumstances. In this episode we review the CNN Documentary, "The Feminist on Cellblock Y" documenting a program started by Richard a former inmate at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad California designed to deconstruct toxic masculinity and patriarchy. And if hearing that isn't enough for you to press play, we even had the opportunity to interview the director of the film, Contessa Gayles (formerly of CNN) and producer Emma Lacey-Bordeaux to ask them a few questions that we couldn't get answers to during our own discussion. Just when you think you can't reach someone in your life struggling with their version of masculinity, think again. The blueprint has been provided through this documentary. Check out our episode and the documentary now.