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Let's Talk Bruh

Dec 11, 2018

We're back for round 2 and this time we brought the professionals with us.

This week we were joined by Tasnim Sulaiman from Black Men Heal. She's a therapist who comes across sex and sexuality related issues with her clients so we had the great opportunity to ask her all the questions that we couldn't get to the bottom of in last week's episode like:

  • Can sex be considered successful without an orgasm?
  • Who's really responsible for your orgasm?
  • We also get to the bottom of PE because what does it really mean to finish "too early"?

Taz also talked about the importance of consent and added some clarity around the differences in sex drives between men and women.

Taz was joined by her Black Men Heal co-founder and fellow therapist Kevana Nixon who also hopped on the mic to drop some gems of her own.

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