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Let's Talk Bruh

Jan 8, 2020

Happy new year LTB fam! We're back and hitting yall with another episode.  This time we're talking about the silent epidemic considered to be the biggest threat to public health over heavyweights like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  We're talking about loneliness.

It's something that impacts many of us, but few of us are openly talking about it, and why would we? As a man, we're forced to follow the "rules of masculinity" which forbade deep emotional connections with other men.  And technology these days has made it so easy to stay in contact digitally with folks that there's virtually no reason to actually pull up. 

Well, because we know better, we know the importance of intimate connection with each other and we also know about the major health consequences associated with loneliness.  So we invite friend of the show Dr. Justin Hopkins to break down how we can overcome this isolation epidemic. 

A few resources used in this week's episode:

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