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Let's Talk Bruh

Mar 25, 2020

Does it feel good? That's the question we're answering today.  For many us, we've been taught that we can only express our sexuality in a very limited way.  Today we talk about why sexual exploration and curiosity is important when it comes to achieving the most pleasure possible. We discuss that exploring your sexuality does NOT diminish your masculinity or manhood. Tune in now!

About our guest Nick Gaines:

Nickolas Gaines (he, him, his) is a veteran, national speaker, and educator. Nickolas is a prominent scholar-practitioner who has a wealth of experience, expanding over 10 years of service in local, regional, national, and international communities. He is a global citizen who has served the United States Army for seven years and has led initiatives for the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs providing spiritual care and clinical mental health care.

Follow Nick on Instagram as he'll be dropping helpful content related to managing stress, anxiety taking care of yourself and loved ones and mental health during COVID-19: @nickolasgaines

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