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Let's Talk Bruh

Jan 30, 2019

Back in August of last year we dropped an episode on male friendships. We covered how trash we can be as friends sometimes and even brought in research that suggests men struggle at maintaining fulfilling friendships. We also talked about what men can do to establish deeper connections with each other.

So today we revisit the subject but dive a bit deeper on the subject and cover not only male friendships, but the rise of Men's Groups popping up around the country. However when it comes to Men's Groups there's the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. 

So we talk about Men's Groups today because believe in the importance of all male safe spaces.  We also announce the launch of our own Men's Group on Facebook: Let's Talk Bruh Facebook Group

And sorry ladies, the Facebook Group will be an all male space. Many of us at times depend on women for our emotional outlets so we want to be better at creating spaces for us to heal with each other.

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