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Let's Talk Bruh

Mar 12, 2019

Our personal hoop dreams for the NBA ended years ago, but as avid fans of the basketball, football, baseball and other sports we clearly had a vested interested in this week's episode.

When talking about masculinity in sports, like other areas of life, there is a certain type of  acceptable masculinity.  The fire, passion, competitive spirit and in some cases aggressiveness that sports fosters can help create a healthy masculinity, but what happens when that shit becomes toxic? And if we're being real, don't we all at times enjoy the toxic masculinity that comes out in sports? The shit-talking, the hard hits in football, the win at all costs mentality. 

We also talk about the safe space of the locker room and how it can be a breeding ground for toxicity but also a safe space for freedom of expression.  Like the the twerking video of NFL Player Bernard Pollard we posted this week.

Sports provides a healthy outlet for many of us as youth and for a very select few Black men an opportunity to change the course of their lives forever.  But how much are we willing to sacrifice a healthy masculinity for the betterment of the game or a team?

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