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Let's Talk Bruh

Feb 12, 2020

In this week's episode we call up our first international guest! You'll be hearing a conversation with Daniel Edmund, the Co-Founder of Milk For Tea.  Daniel is a speaker and coach who is passionate about serving the male community in the UK and seeing men transformed from the inside out.  

This conversation is important for a number of reasons: 
1) Jeremy and Daniel both went to Hampton University together, but this is their first time speaking
2) Daniel talks about his experiences growing up in Maryland and the differences if any between masculinity in the UK vs the US
3) We talk about why healthy conversations around sex and consent and important and how Milk For Tea achieves does this with their work
4) How Daniel and Milk for Tea maintain their integrity while working inside the "manconomy"
5) Near the end, we entertain a brief discussion of whether or not toxic masculinity in sports can ever be considered a good thing.
Resources mentioned in this week's episode:
Follow Daniel on Twitter & Instagram and check out his organization: Milk for Tea's when you're done. 

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