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Let's Talk Bruh

Aug 11, 2021

Attention! This is not your typical Let's Talk Bruh episode!

On this week's episode we collaborated with David Ryan Castro-Harris, the Host of This Restorative Justice Life Podcast, for a conversation on restorative justice and accountability.  We talk to David during Part 1 of our collaboration about his work with restorative justice and what that looks like. When you finish listening to Part 1, go over to This Restorative Justice Life Podcast for Part 2 where we get a little more personal with the times we've been held accountable for some of the harm we've committed in relationships and in our community. Got it? Ight bet, let's get it then. 

Listen to "Let's Talk Restorative Justice Bruh Pt. 2" on This Restorative Justice Life:

Learn more about David's organization, Amplify RJ here:




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