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Let's Talk Bruh

Feb 13, 2019

When's the last time you embraced your boy for more than the usual dap + hug combination? We're talking a good, long lasting 5-10 second hug.  It's probably been awhile, right? 

Well if you're anything like us, we can certainly relate and for good reason.  For most of us, we're usually taught that the two types of acceptable touch are reserved for the 2 F's: fucking or fighting. So anything longer than the usual dap+hug makes us extremely uncomfortable. 

So that brings us to today's episode on Platonic Male Touch. Our guest Kent Johnson of the Ungentrified Podcast and Co-Founder of Black & Abroad brought the topic to us and he explains how his overseas travels started to change his perspective on platonic male touch.  If our brothers in African can embrace it, why can't we? 

We spend the next hour breaking down whether or not Platonic Male Touch is important for us.  We also discuss the ways in which we are unlearning the homophobic remnants of our upbringing to embrace this type of touch as a way to spread love to our brothers.

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