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Let's Talk Bruh

May 13, 2020

If you're experiencing bouts of exhaustion, despair, stress, or anxiety during this pandemic you are not alone. We got you. We talk about maintaining mental health and self care during this pandemic with friend of the show Dr. Justin Hopkins.


In this week's show we discuss how to address the uncertainty of living during this pandemic.  The anxiety that arises due to the fear of contracting COVID 19, navigating an uncertain job market and the strain of less physical connection with the ones we love.  


As men, we're groomed to always be in control, but right now that's simply not an option. That's something to be conscious of.  So we also discuss the importance of addressing our anxieties, fears, and feelings by being mindful about what our thoughts and body is telling us.  That and a little self care can go a long way.


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