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Let's Talk Bruh

Jan 26, 2022

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Fellas, are you happy? Are you good? You sure bruh?

No foreal, let’s sit with this for a minute. Patriarchy at an early age forces us to lie. Lie to others of course, but the first lie we tell is to ourselves. We say we’re good when we’re not. We suppress our feelings and emotions. We minimize both our pain and our joy and find it difficult to name our feelings when they even come up. Point blank, patriarchy teaches us to deny our own humanity and suffer in silence because that’s” just what it means to be a man” and “that’s what men do”

But what if we could reclaim our feelings, emotions and the fullness of our humanity? What if instead of "boys don’t cry" we told each other “you are enough just the way you are” or "your emotions and feelings are valid bro." In this episode we take a look at how patriarchy and toxic masculinity has impacted our mental health.

We talk about why Black men have a suicide rate 3 times higher than other demographic groups. We also discuss how we can heal the wounds from patriarchy and reclaim our humanity.

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