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Let's Talk Bruh

Sep 5, 2018

Black. Male. Privilege.  The mere idea of this concept is controversial and causes pushback for many of us. But let's talk about it because this is real. As Black Men we exist in a rather unique space of both oppression AND privilege. However when we talk about Black Male Privilege, first and foremost, we are not saying we possess the same privilege that white people and white men do.  Black Male Privilege is based on the privilege that we experience in relation to Black Women. Black Male Privilege also does not deny the oppression, racism, and prejudice that we as Black Men experience, but causes us to listen and acknowledge Black Women's experiences with oppression which differs from ours and take accountability for the ways in which we can be oppressive to Black Women (physical & sexual abuse to name a few).  If the idea of Black Male Privilege makes you uncomfortable, good. This episode is for you.

Note: The Black Male Privileges Checklist by Jewel Woods as well as work from L'Hereux Lewis, and KimberlĂ© Williams Crenshaw were referenced to help guide parts of our discussion.



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