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Let's Talk Bruh

Aug 7, 2019

This episode is important because for 52 episodes we've talked about masculinity from primarily a cisgender perspective.  Today, thanks to our guest, Geronimo Collins aka Geronimo Knows, we are able to learn about the experiences of a Black transgender man and what masculinity means for him in particular.

Geronimo is a former blogger, podcast host, urban culture + lifestyle enthusiast and full-time conversationalist.  On this episode we talk about his navigation through life before and after his transition, what masculinity means for him, gender identity, black male sexuality, the meaning of behind his name, and much more. 

He wants you to know that his opinions are his and his alone.  And as a 37 year old Black trans man there are even some things he's still learning and unlearning when it comes to the LGBTQIA+ community. 

This is an episode that admittedly, I did much more listening than talking.  It's rare that cisgender and transgender black men discuss masculinity and create community with each other. Hopefully this can be the start of more to come.  

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