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Let's Talk Bruh

Jun 4, 2019

Self Care is defined as "the powerful commitment to constantly choose activities and situations that make you feel healthy and good about yourself”.  It's a very simple concept in theory, yet for some reason it's very difficult to put into practice for many of us. 

Well for starters, let's take into account how much time we spend at work, time spent supporting family + friends, time wasted on social media, time committing to our side hustles, time trying to make relationships work, trying to get 2.5 meals in per day, the list goes on and on. And we haven't even started talking about how hard it is just surviving being a Black man every day.  That's a full time job with no days off in itself.

With all that being said, self care is extremely important.  It's not a luxury, it's a NECESSITY for our emotional, physical psychological, and spiritual health. It's also not something to feel selfish about.

So for the next hour, we break down what self care looks like for us and provide some easy ways to implement self care into our lives today.

It's no one's responsibility to heal you, except for you. So start with some self care today to make this life thing a little easier.

A list of resources mentioned in this week's episode:


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