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Let's Talk Bruh

Sep 26, 2018

You ever remember riding in the car with your mom as a kid and turning to a different station or feeling wild uncomfortable when you knew your favorite MC was about to say some problematic shit? Maybe you can relate to this, but maybe not. 

The point is, it's interesting to note how sometimes we're more sensitive to certain lyrics when women are present. Have you ever felt conflicted while listening to your favorite artist? Or maybe you block it out completely and just enjoy the music? 

In today's episode we break down some of the more toxic elements of the culture we love. We acknowledge that Hip-Hop isn't responsible for sexism, but there's a need to address the misogyny and homophobia not only to push the culture forward, but also to be more inclusive for women and queer folk. We even look at how masculinity is presented in hip hop and ways it impacted us growing up.  Let us know what you think!



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